Processing agave

Our Craft

It starts with 100% Webber Blue Agave

Simply Agave nectar starts with Webber Blue Agave grown organically on the rolling hills outside of Guadalajara. Webber Blue Agave is the same agave plant used in the production of Tequila.

Step One Process

Step 1

The “Pina” is harvested, crushed and squeezed

The “Pina” of the Webber Blue Agave plant is harvested and crushed into strands of fiber and then washed under temperature controlled water to remove all the agave juice.

Step Two Process

Step 2

Filter, Filter, Filter!

The agave juice is run through three types of filters to control the nectar’s final characteristics.  The most complex filter is an enzymatic filter that converts the inulin rich juice into hydrolyze fructose.  The filters determine taste and color.

Step Three Process

Step 3

Time to bottle!

The final step before bottling is the removal of excess water from the agave juice through an evaporation process resulting in sweet nectar!

Step Four Process

Step 4


Simply Agave is committed to sustainability through organic farming practices and recycled water usage.  Even the leaves cut from the agave plants are used back in the fields to support healthy cultivation of future plants.

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